About Us

DING-AID was established in 2020 to bring together years of experience in the medical, chemistry and surfboard fabrication fields in order to design the right solution for dings. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all types of surfers by reducing the frustrations and dependencies when your precious board gets damaged and your journey gets frozen. DING-AID repair kit will help you keep moving forward fast and without concerns.

DING-AID team is built out of enthusiastic surfers who are also medical, chemistry and surfboard fabrication professionals who spent more then 20 years in the industry. We have recruited the best of them all and spent months on research and development before releasing our product to the market based on the following values: Quality, Simplicity and Surfers come first!

Trust is a starting point, without it we are all stuck, we hope to gain your trust in us and help you continue your own journey in life. This is why we offer our contact details for professional assistance whenever you need it. Your feedback and experience is valuable to us, that's what drives us forward. 

Surfers come first!
It's not about our amazing resin or best sanding pad because who cares about stuff like that. It all sums up to what surfers need in time of trouble. Quality, Simple DING-AID that actually works.