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  • Dual-use sanding & wax removing pad
  • DING-AID resin: 12ml tube universal UV cure clear fiber-fill resin
  • 5 ultra-strong DING-AID stickers [8X5.5cm]
  • UV curing flashlight
  • Spreading stick
  • User guide manual

We highly recommend upgrading to the Double-Trouble repair kit and enjoy X2 repair materials for a reduced price.


This product is suitable for all forms of surf/water-crafts: Surfboards, SUPs, Kite Boards, Windsurfers, Foil Boards, and more. 

We provide a complementary solution for your ding; sticker & resin. Yes, you can use each one of them separately but together they will provide enhanced protection for most dings. For superficial cracks and dings you can use the sticker alone and for nose/tail dings applying resin is enough.

DING-AID Stickers- These are NOT your regular vinyl stickers and if applied on a clean surface can last much longer than the board itself.

DING-AID resin- Not the typical surfboard resin - why? because it's not meant for building boards. It's specifically meant to go under the sticker, bond well, cure fast, and most importantly applied very easily. Epoxy and polyester safe which means - good for any type of board (but no plastic or soft-top boards).

UV Flashlight- high transmittance, portable and convenient LED UV flashlight with a built-in battery. This will ensure you are back in the water even on cloudy days or early bird sessions.  *BE SURE TO REMOVE BATTERY INSOLATION UPON FIRST USE*

There are many types of dings, so take a look at our repair guides for easy ding repair tutorials. For more personal guidance feel free to write us through the support button at the bottom of the page. 

DING-AID is not intended for broken fin boxes or broken boards.

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