Surfboard Ding Repair

 Here we demonstrate how to properly repair a surfboard using DING-AID in 5 easy steps.

Start by cleaning the area around the ding using the sponge side of the dual-use pad. It is crucial to remove any wax, dirt, or oil residues (like sunscreen) for best adhesion of the DING-AID sticker and resin.

Next, gently sand the area using the sanding-paper side of the DING-AID dual-use pad. 

This step is important in order to remove any loose fragments around or inside the ding. It also helps with better adhesion of the sticker and resin.

Before proceeding to the following steps, make sure your surfboard is in full shade, our resin cures within seconds in direct sunlight!

After preparing the damaged area, we can apply the DING-AID resin directly from the tube onto the ding. The narrow opening of the tube is designed to easily apply resin and reach deeper dings without the need to open them up. Be sure not to use too excess resin to avoid leaking from the sides of the sticker when placed on top of it. But no worries, if too much resin was applied, you can simply wipe off any residual material before curing it.

Now you are ready to place the DING-AID sticker on top of the resin while gently spreading the resin underneath and flattening any trapped air bubbles underneath.

To finish off the repair, simply cure the resin using our UV flashlight or direct sunlight. The resin should harden within less than a minute.