Tail Ding Repair

Surfboard tail dings and cracks are one of the most common dings we see in our workshop. Either you hit your board too hard on the ground, bumped it on a wall or your leash did some good rail job when you decided to let go of your board when a big set came at you.

DING-AID’s got you covered! 

You can do a quick fix and get back in the water in less then a minute.

Here we will show you how to properly repair a surfboard ding in the tail area using DING-AID in no time and no effort.

Dings in the tail area usually require using only the DING-AID resin. The reason for this is the shape of the tial, not allowing the sticker to properly adhere to the surfboard. 

Start by cleaning the area around the ding using the sponge side of the dual-use pad. It is crucial to remove any wax, dirt, or oil residues (like sunscreen) for best adhesion of the resin.

Next, gently sand the area using the sanding-paper side of the DING-AID dual-use pad. 

This step is important in order to remove any loose fragments around or inside the ding. It also helps with better adhesion of the resin.

Before proceeding to the following steps, make sure your surfboard is in full shade, our resin cures within seconds in direct sunlight!

After preparing the damaged area, we can apply the DING-AID resin directly from the tube onto the ding. The narrow opening of the tube is designed to easily apply resin and reach deeper dings without the need to open them up.

Use the spreading stick (or any other utensil) to shape and spread the resin in the damaged area.

If the ding is deep, make sure no air bubbles are trapped in the bottom to enable best adhesion of the resin.

To finish off the repair, simply cure the resin using our UV flashlight or direct sunlight. 

The resin should harden within less than a minute.